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We are not offering Holiday Lighting for the 2016-2017 season, sorry for the inconvenience.

We are a Year Round Licensed and Insured Window, Gutter and Roof Cleaning Company that offers our hands to do the "somewhat risky" for the typical homewowner task of putting up Chrstmas Lights. We use the proper ladders with standoffs and use other necessary safety equipment when working on your home.

We did 70+installations in the Portland Metro Area Nov 1st - December 24th 2013. And we are ready to do more this Year!!! Our installation appointments usually fill up fast and we can install all the way up to December 24th.

We happily service the following areas: Portland, Vancouver,Gresham, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City, Clackamas, Happy Valley, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Newberg and Sherwood.

Our Estimates are Quick and Free and typically we can look your home up via Google Maps/Earth to get a good idea on the size of your home. We are also more than happy to come out to give you an estimate and tell you how much lighting you will need+extension cords.

We try to keep it simple with installing lights around your gutters, roof peaks and around arches. The simple peaks and valleys of your home. Of course we can go around windows or other items if desired, but this is an extra charge

We provide the proper clips and can sell or purchase extension cords or spiltters if needed. We avoid using staples or other items that leave holes on your home. Typically these clips can be used again and will not damage your home. The proper clip makes your lights stand out and keeps them straight and even.

We install your "working" lights, new or old. We just ask that you test them before our arrival as our appointment times are limited this time of year. We are more than happy to install your light of choice.

What lights Should I buy? 

We always recommend going with the "old school" charlie Brown white light. You can purchase it in the C7 size or C9. C7's are smaller and have more bulbs per strand, whereas C9's are bigger and have less per strand. These lights showcase very well on older homes and are very bright. They can be purchased in standard white, multi colored or your color of choice. 
The great thing about this style of lighting is it can be custom cut to  the size of your home, making installation seamless and easier for years to come.

LED Lights are great for large homes or homes with low voltage or other electrical problems. They save on electricity, however they are not as bright as a typical light bulb. This is because it is artificial lighting (filament).

We recommend LED lights if you have a very large home, or you are planning on using a lot of lights via your landscaping . We do charge a little extra to install LED lighting as its wound up differently than your typical C7 or C9 bulb, and takes a little more time to make the lights perfectly straight on our clips.

Unfortunately we do not install Icecycle Lights


Though these lights are festive and pretty, they are prone to many problems. They tend to stop working because of the wind knocking them up on the roof or against other items. What we really want is your lights to be working properly through the whole christsmas season, and these lights tend to present too many hiccups that we would rather avoid.


Christsmas lights have a short life and dont always work properly even new out of the box thats why, We are more than happy to come out and replace broken or blown out fuses and bulbs within the season. However we do charge a $25 service fee to do so and guarantee they will be working when we leave. The best is to purchase new bulbs and or lights every year as most people dont realize that most residential lights are for 90 days use only.

When we return to take your lights down we zip tie and label each strand and always recommend our customers to take the lights indoors to dry for atleast a week before storage. What others usually make the mistake of is storing them away wet, which corrodes the wires and makes them basically inoperable for the next season.

Pricing as follows:

For Homes Ranging from 2 to 3 stories tall we charge approx. $1.25 per foot of lighting installed
For just 1 story Homes (2,000 sq.feet maximum) we charge approx. $.75 per foot of lighting installed.

For Example: If we install 8 boxes of 25ft strands on your 2 story home....Our Price for Installation: $250.00

We appreciate you Viewing our Page...Happy Holidays!!

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